No matter how we tried to make things clean and spotless. There will be a time that pests and other insects would literally grow and come to our house to make our life miserable in handling these things of unwanted pests. For example, the carpet kind of beetles that we usually see in our bedroom’s bed and to our favorite carpet that can be seen in the living room up to our clothes and drawers in the closet. That no matter we have the carpet cleaning every day. There will still be one percent that they will come back there and gain so much population again and again. That is the reason why removing them from our home could be a bit of tiring and would need a lot of effort. So, when you see any sign or something suspicious about this kind of insect. Then, you need to follow the lists below and the ideas on how to get them away with some of the useful and trusted ways only.

1. Inspect your bedroom’s bed sheets and pillows. Look for any infestation there. Try to roam around to every rooms to make sure that they are not there. Check your carpet as well. Most of them would love to live in the wet and stinky kind of carpet. Make sure that you don’t check only the upper or surface of the carpet but also the underneath of it. They would love to settle in that part. They can also be found in the doormat or rugs in your kitchen.

2. If you have a carpet at home. Make sure that you always pay attention in vacuuming the place and other stuff of your house. It will stop the spreading process of the beetles in your house. You may sweep the floor from time to time to every day. If you are going to use the vacuum machine make sure that you will also include the part that is very hard to reach by the broom. Under the appliances and furniture in your house.

3. If you have noticed that some of your expensive and favorite clothes in the drawer are fully eaten by this kind of beetle. Then, you don’t have any other option and choice but to take them out and throw away. You don’t want to keep this thing as it will still cause infestation inside your house of you insist to have them.

4. After removing those clothes which have been affected by the carpet beetles. You also need to get out from your closet all the clothes that you have and wash them. Use a warm or hot water in washing them to completely remove those unwanted beetles. You might not know if there are still some parts of them there like the larvae of the beetles or the eggs and other things.

5. You may use a pesticide or insecticide to the areas where it is hard for them to control. Do it carefully as it is not good for the health to inhale.