Flood and water damage is hazardous, so doing a cleanup and restoration on your own will risk your health and property. If you encounter something like this, like flood or water backflow, you should put the responsibility of cleaning it up on professionals who are trained to do it. However, not all companies or contractors are the same. So you really have to do some little research first before hiring a water and action restoration professional. Look for the following characteristics when you’re hiring a professional.  

Damage Restoration Company 


When you’re in the process of hiring a damage restoration professional, you should make sure that they are licensed and certified. A reputable company can provide you with information about their license and where they are certified. In terms of certification of water damage restoration organization, the popular one is IICRC. It’s not necessary for the company you’re interviewing to have this, but a certificate means that they are competitive enough to give you a satisfactory job.  

Next thing to be sure of is their license. Every business should have a license, but it still depends on the requirements of your state. Some states don’t require a water damage company to be licensed, but there are states that do. So, do some research and check if your state requires license.  

Knowledgeable and Experienced  

Water damage restoration project is complicated; the company is going to deal with your property so you should hire someone who has the ability and experience to restore it in its pre-loss state. It’s fair to ask the company about the experience they have in this field. Ask how long the company has been in the industry. You can also ask the company for their past client’s contact information so you can ask them how the company delivered their work. Take the interview as an opportunity to ask any questions you have.  


With the technology in our hands, it’s easy for us to look for the companies which are reputable. You still need referrals and recommendations through word of mouth, and then confirm them through looking at the company’s websites and reviews. You can ask some insurance companies because they have been in touch with a restoration company for a long time.  

Customer Service 

This is one of the most important things. We often disregard this aspect because we are more fixated on the products and services a company offers and not so much on how they treat their customers. When you talk to a technician, you will then realize how they treat customers with how they treat you. If they are able to give you the services you need, like interview and estimates, then they’re good companies.   

Written Estimates 

If you’re tight on budget, then you should get a written estimate from a contractor first. If the contractor happily oblige and gives you a fair estimate, then that’s a sign that the company is going to give you a quality service.